Antarctic Peninsula Travel Guide

antarctica travel guide

Antarctic Peninsula Overview

The Antarctic Peninsula, the most accessible part of the world’s remotest continent, is a barren and inhospitable land. Only a small amount of visitors every year are fortunate enough to experience this mesmerising place. From sailing past jagged ice covered mountains rising straight out of the sea to icebergs the size of ships a visit to Antarctica is a rewarding experience. It’s a frozen heaven for any photographer or nature lover.

Where: The Antarctic Peninsula is an extension of the Andes mountain range separated from South America by the Drake Passage. It’s made up of an 800 mile strip of mountainous land and surrounding islands that extend north from the Antarctic continent towards South America.

Remoteness: 9 / 10

Accessibility: Difficult

Background: Antarctica, including any region below the latitude of 60° south, falls under the Antarctic Treaty which was entered in 1961. The agreement between 53 parties states that the continent can only be used for peaceful purposes only such as scientific investigations and prohibits any military activity such as weapons testing.

How To Get To The Antarctic Peninsula


It’s possible to fly to a research base on Antarctica via a charter flight and then join an expedition cruise.


Travelling by sea is the most common way to visit the Antarctic Peninsula with cruises departing from Ushuaia in Argentina and then crossing the Drake Passage.

I visited Antarctica on a tall sailing ship called the Bark Europa which makes several expedition voyages every season. I highly recommend this as an authentic way to experience Antarctica. Although the boat is comfortable, it’s hard work as guests are involved in the sailing handling and watch keeping, so this option is not for everyone. The voyages have a very limited capacity and often sell out when they first go on sale 2 years before the voyage takes place. It’s worth following the Bark Europa page on Facebook are there is a waiting list and people often drop out meaning a last minute place is sometimes possible.

G Adventures offer adventure expedition cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Intrepid Travel offer cruises which include Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands on the same voyage. 

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