Explore The Strange Beauty of Ascension Island In Photos


Ascension is a volcanic island situated in the South Atlantic between Brazil and Africa

Ascension Island Photography

The island is formed from dormant volcanoes with Green Mountain rising up to 2818 ft in the centre

The coast of the island consists of volcanic rock and golden sand beaches

volcanic coast
volcanic rock on Ascension Island

The interior of the island is a volcanic wasteland that leads to the turquoise waters of the Atlantic

beach on Ascension

A lonely chair with no owner in site at North East Beach

Bonetta Cemetery Ascension Island
Bonetta Cemetery

The Bonetta Cemetery where the graves of stricken sailors from the 1800’s are still visible today overlooking the ocean they once sailed in from. 

Ascension Island Photography

The volcanic landscape of the interior looks more like mars than a remote Atlantic island. 

volcanic formations

A volcanic landscape to the east of the Island

green mountain

Green Mountain towers above the volcanic lava flows below

Ascension Island Photography

The heights of Green Mountain are cooler and are covered in lush vegetation

cloud forest

The summit of Green Mountain is covered by a cloud forest – This isn’t natural but was started by visiting British plant collector Joseph Dalton Hooker in 1843 in an attempt to increase rainfall

large tunnel on green mountain

In the 19th century Royal Marines carved tunnels through the volcanic rock to create a look-out path that loops around the summit of Green Mountain

green mountain on Ascension island

Cooling cloud cover surrounds the old barracks on Green Mountain

derelict Devils Ashpit Tracking station

Ascension Island is covered in curiosities – This is the derelict operations building of the Devil’s Ashpit Tracking Station where NASA tracked the Apollo and Deep Space Missions

green turtle on Ascension Island

Ascension Island is home to unique wildlife and was visited by Darwin – Green Turtles swim up to 3000km from the coast of Brazil to lay their eggs on Ascension Island, a journey which takes them up to 6 weeks

masked booby bird on Ascension Island
Sooty Tern

Ascension Island’s volcanic landscapes are home to Masked Booby Birds and Sooty Terns

Ascension Island Photography

Waves crash on a deserted beach

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